A Brief history of the Association

In 1983 a letter from La Ferté St. Aubin was received by the Wells Town Council.

As a result a public meeting was held, at which a committee was established to pursue the proposal of forming 'twinning' links between the two towns.

After exploratory trips in each direction, a successful pattern was established of exchange visits in alternate years.

What's the connection?

The people of La Ferté had chosen Wells-next-the-Sea, because they live close to Olivet, which was already twinned with Fakenham in Norfolk.

Our Visits

Our visits to France, originally lasting four days, but now six, usually shortly after Easter, are open to anybody, of any age in Wells and the surrounding area. The journey by luxury coach takes up to fourteen hours, but is surprisingly enjoyable.

We cross the channel either by ferry or through the tunnel. Find out more...

Get involved

There are many ways to take part in the activities of the Wells Twinning Association, joining the group and visiting this beautiful region of France, hosting French guests, attending the fund raising events and much more, for more information, just contact us.

La Ferté St. Aubin

La Ferté St. Aubin is a town of about 5000 people, just south of Orleans, on the edge of the Sologne region of forests and lakes, and within easy reach of the Loire valley.


Twinning map showing geographical relationship between the two towns


La Ferté St. Aubin has its own website at: